Pursuing the unknown

Pursuing the unknown is a scary but liberating experience, because you don`t know what you don`t know. The place I now soon will call home I have known for years. But you how no idea how it will turn out once you stay for good. Giving up my normal everyday life in order to pursue a new one on this island is a walk into the unknown.

The thing that has kept me going through preparations for my adventure is the question; «what is the worst that could happen?» If you think about it, a lot of people on this earth go through a lot harder things than you and I (at least I). The way I see it; worst case I have to move back to my home country and get a «normal» job. And all the material things would have to be achieved again by hard work and saving up, but you know what – that`s life!

Ask your self this; what will you be regretting the most when you are 95 years old? The things you couldn`t buy or the dreams you didn`t pursue?

I was only 4 years old when I first started discovering my adventures side; I climbed over the fence and “escaped” so to speak from the childrens activity club while on vacation with my parents in Mallorca. I walked to our apartment and somehow got housekeeping to open the door for me to our apartment, where my parents found me.

Moral of this story? Stop being afraid of the unknown. Deep inside you truly know who you are and what you have to do in your life to be happy. Do not neglect or ignore it. But do it in your own time and pace.

Ibiza, I`m ready

Ibiza sunrise

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