Out of Office

But how?

That`s the most frequently asked question about my new way of live as a freelancer. Well, first of all you might have to get used to the idea that you actually won`t be able to see `how` until you are actually doing it. It is scary, but the good kind of scary.

To unleash the force that enables you to set up a plan for your freelance work you may be in need of a different environment than your usual office. And the force within you that enables you to carry out your plan will differ from person to person; it might be your creative side, your strength in building a well calculated business plan, strategy or even a spiritual side. The force is similar to the drive in your every day life that makes you achieve your personal goals or do I really good job. You may not even know, or have defined, what your force is – but we all have it and now it`s time to nurture it.

How? Take the time you have for your self in a day, 15 minutes or 1 hour, and draw or write down what you would like to do more of in your life. Forget all limitations and focus on ideas, tasks, objectives and strengths you have. This does not have to take you down a path of life changing events, even though it might, it can also help you get more of your life as it is today – but with a little more focus it is amazing how much happier and healthier you can be.

Where? If you have the chance; go or sit somewhere you normally would not, leave your living room, your house or your office and sit somewhere your force can be released. It might be alone in a secluded place or a space with lot`s of people but people who are different from you in any way, look at something beautiful, listen to some soothing music, pick up that piece of paper and start drawing and writing. The best of luck to you!

Today I went out of the office; attended a co-working & networking session on the island where I live. All freelance workers  – sitting together working on different projects in a house in the country side. This is our space for the day where the force flows free. Go Out Of the Office.

Co work Ibiza

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Freelance Marketing consultant, based in Ibiza. Passion for marketing, brand building, social media and advertising.

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