So simple, yet so challenging

All your life you have probably been given advice from your family, your friends, colleagues and mentors. Some of them you take to heart, others you know are true but still neglect, and then you have the ones that are based upon the norms of life – they come from a place of reason and norms; what is expected of you by society. There is of course nothing wrong with this picture, we have learned to navigate through it. But the problem is that we are not all the same and hence not all advice is suited for every person. One size does not fit all.

I have chosen to try to live my life outside the norm. I say try because it will take hard work; both in terms of the work you do with a project and setting up a company, but also hard work in terms of working on you. The difference of living within the norms and outside of them are of course not all black and white but for arguments sake let´s say they are. I would like to present and give credit to whomever invented or discovered the 2 % mindset. 2% of the population like, or even live by, the words stated outside the comfort zone circle. They choose happiness, excitement, act in spite of fear, like changes and embrace the unknown. But to most people it comes natural to seek within the comfort zone. If you take a couple of minutes and review this illustration of the 2 % mindset you will easily find the words that describe your life and the ones that don´t. There is no correct zone here; there is nothing wrong with seeking comfort and be happy about your current life. If there is one thing that I do not agree with in this illustration it is the word “dull”, living within your comfort zone and being happy about that is not dull. But this is simply a tool you can use to evaluate if where you are and how you live your life is what you want out of life.

If you find your self wanting to move out from your comfort zone; be prepared to challenge your self every day, be prepared to work very hard and be prepared to face reactions from your family, friends and colleagues. Also be prepared to not have all the answers yet. But that´s ok; this is not for them – it´s for you.

The 2 % mindset

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