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There are a lot of uncertainties when you go freelance, but one thing is certain; it`s all up to you.

My new lifestyle means a life that gives me more freedom and a better quality of life (as far as I´m concerned). What it also means is that only I will be the door opener to the opportunities out there, I do believe that every one creates their one luck. And if I don`t seize the opportunities this lifestyle will be a very short lived one.

The goal of this new lifestyle is to achieve balance in life; passion work projects and enough free time to experience the little good things in life – stop and smell the roses if you will. But how do you achieve that when there actually is no recipe and you don´t have the normal routines and norms as in an office, as an employee?

I find that my recipe for the optimal balance is to set a routine that get`s you up early in the morning and keeps you productive throughout the day. But always keep a few hours a day open in order to seize new opportunities, do activities that keep your creative spirit lit and smell the roses. As mentioned the key is balance, balance in life is the key to happiness which it`s all about. What this means to me may be very different from what it means to you. If you like to work out go work out first thing in the morning. If you like to walk outside, do it first thin in the morning. If your morning ritual is to go to your local coffee shop and get your daily fix, do it first thing in the morning. Why? You kick start your day, it will give you more energy to use productively throughout the day and last but not least – we think better on our feet.

And about those new opportunities? Careful what you wish for;-)


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Freelance Marketing consultant, based in Ibiza. Passion for marketing, brand building, social media and advertising.

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