Storytelling – the Why model

As a child I loved listening to my grand parents stories, I am sure we all can relate to that. Not much have actually changed over time in terms of what is key in the ability to tell a story. The most important thing is still how you deliver it; with the personality, the passion and the ability to immerse yourself into the story. Now of course a little special effects never hurt, but still the key is the delivery. 

Now in Marketing, you may have a good story but you have to commercialize it. This is a thin line to balance; where the artistry & creativity meet the commercial marketing. We can all try to convince our selves that a beautiful story is powerful enough to do the commercial marketing job and hence reach the objective. But, we all know that even the most beautiful stories have a commercial aspect to it, a tactical message or clue if you will, the creators have just done a better job of incorporating it into the story and hence deliver the message in the story in a more efficient way. And we as consumers are convinced and persuaded through this emotional influence. I will admit that there may be a few brand exceptions here, but most likely you are not one of them. 

As a guiding tool in creating, developing and delivering a story I believe in the `WHY-model. Always have your check points in the creative process where you can ask this question. 


Why are you telling this story? Why is it told in this way? Why should they care? Why should they act on it?  (The list of why`s can and should of course be longer than this). 

This of course, as most of worlds creative work, looks really easy. But to incorporate it and follow it as a part of your creative process is quite painful, challenging and helpful at the same time. The answers to the Why will either take you forward in the creative process or help you improve the previous step.

Looking forward to experience your stories. And don`t forget the sprinkle on top: passion!

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