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So after 10 weeks of island living – where are we? What I´ve been up to so far.

Moving to another country means you of course will have to deal with all kinds of practical things, but it also means you have the opportunity to develop and learn new things. My second day in Ibiza I enrolled in  a Spanish language course that kept me busy every day for four weeks. My Spanish definitely improved a lot during this time as the course is quite intense, and I also made some new friends on the island.

Ibiza attracts people from all over the world and from all walks of life, especially in the summer. A large number of tourists (number of visitors increase each year), but also the people who have made Ibiza their home. Some are here all year round and some are here five to eight months out of the year. You have the ones very much involved in the nightlife and then you have the ones who have what one would call a more “normal” job or run businesses on the island. But hey, what is normal these days any way?  Either way the jobs and businesses very much revolve around the tourism industry. I have been fortunate enough to make some new friends that live here all year and they are building some very exciting new businesses. For these people; summer mode is work mode. They are definitely not on vacation, but when they do have a day off they get to explore this beautiful island of course.

So after the first two months of learning the language, making friends, setting up my new home and lifestyle, my summer mode is also shifting in to work mode. I intentionally took some much needed time off when I first got to the island and now I´m ready for and very excited about my new business lifestyle. It will definitely not be a fixed office hours career model, but it will be a new career model where you may be working from anywhere, anytime, with several projects both locally and abroad, and still gives you time to enjoy life. That´s what it´s all about.

And how will this new way of life and business actually be built you may wonder?  It turns out, Ibiza now has a growing community of entrepreneurs and freelancers. This is very much reflected in several co-working offices on the island (shared offices that you may rent for a day,a week or months) and networking events. This is very inspiring and certainly fuels my creative side as well as business sense. These co-working sessions and networking events have given me several new opportunities and I am very happy to share with you that I now have two very exciting projects that I am currently working on. More about what these projects next time;)

So when I`m not working? I get to enjoy Ibiza´s beautiful scenery; Ibiza´s old town, the many beautiful beaches and “calas”, the sea, the food, the relaxed atmosphere, the people, and of course the best DJs in the world. Many places in the world can provide several of these factors but only Ibiza combine them all.Ibiza, Port San Miguel

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Freelance Marketing consultant, based in Ibiza. Passion for marketing, brand building, social media and advertising.

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