Tired of following the rules? Here are your new rules

Either you are perfectly happy with your life, you just lack a little bit of motivation or feel you are not living the true you and need a big change, these new rules may encourage you to start the path to a happier you or keep going.

Your new rules:

  • Stop caring what people think
    • And by this I don`t mean not listening to sound advice – there is a difference between advice and what people who will never understand you think. Trust your intuition.
  • Say yes more – it will make you happier
    • The stress factors in our life have a tendency to make us turn down opportunities disguised as more work, or that we feel come with more consequences than we believe we can handle, or we are just in a “no” world where we say no without even thinking. This goes for the big things as well as the little things. Here are some examples: We believe you would be a good fit to join our board of directors, would you please consider to join us? Yes. Want to join us for a walk outside during lunch break? Yes (the eating at the desk situation will not make you more efficient). Our team are doing a 5K run together this weekend? (..you are not a runner..) Yes. I read this book, I recommend you read it too as i found it very interesting! Yes, thank you. Dad can you please dress up as Elsa from Frozen. Yes, of course.
  • Throw stuff
    • People should move more, then this would not have to be explained. But we don´t so; getting rid of clutter and the stuff you put in your basement because you were to lazy to throw away or make a decision about is a truly liberating experience. Less focus on materialistic things will also broaden your perspective in life.
  • Start a new ritual to be more creative
    • This can be anything, try things that might be completely new to you and you will find what works for you. Here`s a little morning ritual that works for me: when the alarm rings I have calculated extra time for me to go into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee and then jump back into bed. Once in bed with my coffee I feel content that I now have set aside time to drink my coffee and I start to read up on different news sites, blogs and a quick update in my social media channels, even a bit of music maybe to get me started. This ritual started as a Saturday morning ritual a few years ago, but making time for this on a normal weekday have done wonders for me. I ease into a new day, my mind wakes up without the morning stress and as I start to read upon news sites, blogs and social media I get some of my best ideas and quickly write them down on my digital notepad. Even the mornings when I don´t have time for this ritual the first coffee of the day (at the airport, at another office etc) makes me think about my ritual and brings me back to the same peace of mind.
  • Loosen up and focus
    • To be good you need to feel good. This means that you need take care of your body and your mind. You might be feeling good now, but you don´t t know what you are capable of before you have committed to take well care of you. This, speaking in general terms, means that you do need to exercise (anything from walking to yoga to cross fit), and this is closely linked with the mind which we can take care of through meditation. Recent research studies from Harvard unveils that meditation does not only relaxes you but also has an effect on the brain structure (part of the central nervous system). And last but not least pay attention to what you eat and drink, make sure you get your recommended intake of greens and water. These three things combined is what will keep you relaxed, sharp and focused.

Like everything else you have to invest to succeed with these new rules. And you might even add your own rules to this list as you develop a happier truer you.

Go on, give it a try, I dare you;)

Say Yes More

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