What I´ve learned so far

What have you learned in life? 

Everything you do in life will teach you something. Think about it; that one time when you hit your thumb with the hammer it hurt and you were more careful the next time, you giving a compliment will make someone smile, and working hard to reach a goal will get you closer to achieving that goal. Paying attention to all reactions to your actions in life will make you as a person grow. If you do not pay attention to the reactions and what it will teach you, there is a great chance you´ll just keep on repeating the same actions without considering if they are the right ones. 

Life is all about learning; from the little things to the greater questions. I´ve learned that a positive mind will create more opportunities than a negative spirit ever will, you can not make everyone happy and you should be ok with that, being confident enough to be the real you will make you happier, if you do not take care of yourself you will not be able to take care of others, doubt probably kills more dreams than failure ever will, and shopping on sale will not save you money;)

Make sure you keep learning by paying attention, every single day. This will help you focus, make better decisions, work smarter and hence achieve your goals. 

Here is a little exercise to get you started; write down in  a journal or in the notepad on your phone how a normal day in your life makes you feel; are you always in a rush? does eating breakfast make you feel better? do you say «no» a lot? do you live in a happy environment? do you actually make the effort to have a positive influence on your surroundings? to you take care of yourself so that you can better take care of your loved ones? is your mind sharp and focused in your professional life? Write the notes as  detailed as possible and then go voer them the day after and see where there is room for improvement and that´s where you start to pay attention, in each of these moments. 

No regrets, just lessons, pay attention
No regrets, just lessons, pay attention

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