Why I <3 tech

Yes, I’m getting my geeky side on;)  But don’t worry, this is not about tech “stuff” or  1´s and 0´s. This is about what technology can do as a good for mankind and impact our lives in a positive and magical way.

Many see technology as a distraction instead of how it actually is a disruption that improves our lives. As all fun things it can also be used in a non-positive context of course, but that is not the focus of this blog article.  The objective of this blog article is to make you love technology too.

Technology is such a big part of our lives now and will continue to play an even bigger part in our future lives. It enables us to communicate with our loved ones across the globe just as easy as we can broadcast our message to a world of strangers.  It helps you monitor and improve your health, keeps track of your daily schedule, it increases the efficiency of your work, it simplifies your grocery shopping, and keeps your car and house secure and updated. But how can it actually improve YOU?  Let´s start with the most familiar; your daily activity. Whether you have a FitBit on your wrist or use the iPhone integrated health app you are now aware how much you move in a day. If you work out on a regular basis you are probably aware of your different pulse levels and calories burned during your workout. If you have any health issues where you need to keep track of what and when you eat and drink, an app on your smartphone might be very useful as well.

But what about your mental health? Maybe you don’t address your mental health at all? Exercise  strengthens your mental health, so does taking breaks, breathing and enjoying life. But do you make sure your mind performs to the best of it´s ability ? And do you take care of your mind the same way you take care of your phone, your mac, your car or your house? Ancient techniques to improve mental health can now of course be find in apps on your phone through guided meditation and yoga apps. With a meditation app on your phone it is to get started or keep up your daily ritual anywhere. But what really is innovating within mental health in 2016 is how technology can be used to promote mental health wellness and treat mental health issues. A great new example is the app Pacifica which is a self-help resource for anxiety. Pacifica incorporates principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation and wellness to break the cycle of anxiety.

Another more sophisticated technological device for home use to help treat depression, anxiety and insomnia is the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. It let’s you sit at home and engage in neurostimulation therapy. This may be a future substitute to prescription pills.

These are just a few examples of how far technology innovation has come in the medical field. But how can we make sure that these innovation are available to everyone? One part of the solution is of course to make sure that health personnel everywhere get the best training possible. In April 2016 the first ever cancer surgery was broadcasted live in Virtual Reality, which enabled medical students to get a much “closer” look into the surgery procedure than if they had actually been in the same room as the doctor and patient.

Then combine this type of VR with hologram and 3D printing and you have the next level of medical training and surgery.  Already there are neurosurgeons have operated 3D printed parts to use in the human skull! (If you have an particular interest in this, watch this TEDx talk where it is all explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9J9ApJZdbI)

So my point is that technology plays such a big part in our lives, has such an impact, and the opportunities seems to be endless. You can use it to improve your life and professionals can use it to sustain or further enhance your quality of life.  And that is why I love technology. I will leave you with this heartfelt story



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