I really love what I do for a living. Yes I’m one of those. I take great interest in my profession, almost to the point where it turns geeky. And I just love what marketing is and what it can achieve. Some will find this weird,I know. But it is a big part of our daily lives, whether it is your job or not.

The truth is, very few choices we make in life are not influenced by something or someone. And very often they are influenced by marketing.

It’s not something most people think about, unless it is your job to think about it. Whether to vote or not, which politician to vote for, what furniture you have in your home, , the brand of your running shoes, where you buy your clothes, what kind of clothes you buy and what brand they are, where you go on vacation, what cheese brand you have in your fridge, and which supermarket you shop your groceries at.

How can it be that we think we make conscious decisions based only on our own thoughts, or that we think we don´t make conscious decisions and “nothing” is behind it? The answer is of course found in how our minds work, it all comes down to psychology. Sometimes we make a conscious choice; “people like me do things like this” , you make a choice by association. There are times where we think we make a choice based on several rational factors (e.g. price, quality, brands you’ve heard of etc), but your choices were already influenced before you got to your “top three” options to choose from. And then there are times where you actually have no idea why you made the choice you did, because your choice was influenced without you even noticing.  I bet you have no idea why you bought exactly that vacuum cleaner, or what brand of toilet paper you have in your house?  It is no accident. Fascinating, isn’t it?

And before you say ” that stuff does not work on me, I see straight through all advertising and marketing attempts” , let me tell you that there are of course different ways to influence your decisions. Sometimes low price messages will not affect you one bit, and sometimes you just need the right frequency on that message and you will eventually be convinced, or not. Maybe a brand put a cute animal/baby/girl/boy in their message to make you remember them, and hence you might remember and choose them over a competitor next time simply because you remembered them. Or maybe how persistent a brand is in what they communicate and how they do it over a long period of time will influence you in a way that only your subconscious picks up on. First test, recognize this?













Thought so, point proven.

Maybe you don´t like that particular brand, but to some people beer is just beer and Carlsberg will do everything they can to make sure that you choose their brand. And in the process explain to you that beer is in fact not just beer, because their beer is probably the best beer in the world.

But why is it that some brands reach a level in your mind where you, consciously or unconsciously, have a connection with a brand and will buy the products or services it provides? For one, the people behind the brands are very good at what they do. Secondly it is the story they tell.

“..somehow the people who manages to tell a story, even temporarily, move us in a certain way that we remember. We don’t feel like we are being sold, we feel we are being told something that we can connect to”. Kevin Spacey.


To add on this food for thought piece I will leave you with a great story from a commercial brand, enjoy!


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