Designing Experiences

If you started a company today, what would the experience look like?

Many of the companies that have been around for 50 years, 100 years or even longer, have a certain model, system or program for how their experience is supposed to look like. This have for the most part changed over time, but slowly – a reflection on how the world changed. And these changes have often followed the world changes, not been in the forefront of the changes.

But what if you could start fresh today? Scratch everything you know to be true about  your business/industry/product/service experience today and start over, with a complete open mind and “everything is allowed” mindset. And if you are going to make changes, you should make big bold ones that takes your business into the forefront of your industry. Don’t adjust your current experience model – make a new one! And while you´re at it, it better not reflect today’s world but what your world, the industry you are in, will look like tomorrow.

Tesla & Amazon use technology to improve or all together change experiences; we thought they were making new kinds of products but they have actually changed the way we view and experience the world of today and the world of tomorrow.

To exemplify I want to show you some great examples from different industries:

AirBNB launching “Experience Host” service; knowledgeable hosts creating a new unique experience around a city every time. Giving new meaning to “travel like a local”.

Diplo, Major Lazer & DJ Snake released the major hit “Lean On” independently without any gigantic music label backing, it went viral.  It is the most streamed song of all times on Spotify. And the low budget video made in under 24h has 1,7 Billion views on YouTube.

Vail Resorts, the world’s first global ski resort brand? Vail Resorts low-priced Epic Pass give guests unlimited access to all of Vail’s mountains,  fosters skier loyalty, gives the company insight into its customers´skiing habits – which the company use to personalise its marketing and improve the on-mountain experience for guests. Personally I believe this represents a huge opportunity for designing new experiences in skiing tourism as well.

Gene editing; scientist and doctors have edited the genes of a baby about to die from aggressive leukemia. It´s by no means ready for mass production, but this experience opened a big bright door to the future.  (Read the full story here:

Disruption is the new stability, disruption is the new normal

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