Your passion!

Passion is defined by the Oxford dictionaries as as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

Do you know what your passion is? Or passions are? Can you say it out loud?  If you don`t know what your passion is – you need to find out. Not because you should quit everything you know and go chase/pursue/follow it, but because without it; does life really make sense?

If you don`t believe you have a passion, or several, read the definition at the top one more time. Or a more impactful exercise; imagine someone telling you that you can never do that thing ever again. How does it make you feel?

You might be passionate about gardening, working out, travelling, books, science, cooking, football, making art, teaching, learning, sales, fashion, writing, fixing cars or in what ever business field  you are in.

Your passion is what drives you, it drives you to be in a passionate state, and that passionate state often lead to happiness. And sometimes it is the result of being able to do, or take part in, several of the things you are passionate about that makes you happy. Maybe you do have a passion that makes you happy – but you don`t recognize it because you haven`t  defined it? You don`t need to define it, but if you do you will appreciate it more.

I`m passionate about many things, I often find myself in passionate state of mind whilst doing a lot of things that I probably would not define as things I have an intense desire or enthusiasm for. But one of the things I am really passionate about is storytelling, in general, and the art of marketing. And when a story comes together like the one I am sharing with you today, it`s just a fantastic work of art! And I just want to discuss it , watch it over and over and share it with everybody!

The Digital Expats

Digital expats, definition by yours truly:

The digital expats are the new breed of expats; we are a culmination of digital nomads and the traditional expats. We do not consider ourselves true digital nomads as we do not travel as often as they do, and we do prefer a fixed base, often in an exotic location though. We do not consider ourselves traditional expats as the majority of us are self-employed and/or entrepreneurs, and not shipped out by an employer in our home country. We decided it was time we got our own name.

More and more people are trying their hand at entrepreneurship and/or working freelance. Being employed may seem less secure than before, being your own boss does not mean less work but work when and how you want,  the digital economy opens up to so many opportunities, and time is the new currency. I can`t really continue without quoting the cliché “life is too short” ; is a 100 years even enough for all we want to accomplish?

The technology enables us to communicate and work from almost any location across the globe. Thanks to internet everywhere, the smartphone, mac /pc, Skype, Slack, Squarespace, WordPress, gmail,, social media (I could go on, but I think I made my point), we can basically work from anywhere.

Here in Ibiza we are now quite a large growing community of digital expats. Who knew that this beautiful island, best known as the worlds best party island, actually inhabits freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over the world? When I ask people why they chose Ibiza, most of them say that they wanted somewhere beautiful, with a nice climate, good vibes, and the majority of them had visited Ibiza before and the island made a lasting impression on them. It is all about quality of life, no matter where you choose to venture out to.

So how do we actually manage to work from here?

  • Try to do more of the work you are passionate about and less of what you care less about. Congratulations, you will now actually love working!
  • Have a dose of discipline; set up a schedule, set up a budget
  • Use technology do make your tasks and your overall work easier
  • Set up a nice home office or rent a desk at a shared office space
  • Be responsible for your own learning, in general and within your field; you would be surprised of how much you can learn online; free online courses, university courses and degrees (coursera), video streams from conferences all over the world, TEDtalks, mentors, free online training in how to do anything, take a language course, you should be learning something all the time.
  • Find people like you! Do your research, you are definitely not alone.
  • Join co-working days. In Ibiza we meet once a month to share a work space for the day. We work from 10-18, and then have after work drinks. Congratulations, you now have colleagues!
    • (Co-working offices are available all over the world, check it out next time you are out travelling).
  • Find the motivating factor in your new life; in my spare time I get to go dancing, in my spare time I get to go to the beach, kite surf, play tennis etc, in my spare time I will meet up with my friends, in my spare time I will learn the local language, this evening I will see the beautiful sunset.
  • And when you wish to see your family, friends or clients – they are only a flight (or two) away.

Are you curious about the digital expat life in Ibiza? Thought so, take a look:


If you are not quite ready to take the plunge and be a digital expat, you can test it out by doing a workation  – a combination of work, vacation mixed with all kinds of fun activities. Take a look at this exotic opportunity: