Most people do not wake up and just feel ” oh so inspired today!” If you wake up or start your work day with a feeling of being very inspired you have probably prepared for it in some way.

The same way “luck” is preparation meeting the window of opportunity, inspiration comes from preparation meeting the point of influence – as inspiration can come from anywhere.

Preparation as in working on your inner self; such as using your imagination (or intuition of you will),  focus, life experiences, peace of mind

And outside influence which can be anything from other people, places, art, music, books and traveling just to name a few.

It does not really matter if the inspiration you seek is only for you or the result of it to be shared through your work, as it all starts with you and your mind. Need some help getting started today? Here are a few tips to get you off to the right start:

  • try to get some sleep
  • meditate (/ quiet time /me time or what you prefer to call it); sit quiet, with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing for 10 minutes
  • watch a story on YouTube
  • if you work in a group; pick a random topic and tell each other short stories
  • listen to a piece of music that set you in the right mood
  • draw and/or write down your immediate thoughts, or just words that come to mind, on a piece of paper
  • go for a walk outside
  • people watching; just sit down at a coffee shop and watch people going by and make up stories about them to yourself

Now we have touched upon how you prepare to be inspired, but have you ever thought about how you are, or at least can be, an inspiration to others?

Sometimes people have a dream and they don´t pursue it at all, but there is always time to pursue it in some form..» Edna Northrup, (climbed Mount Everest at age 84)

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