Your passion!

Passion is defined by the Oxford dictionaries as as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

Do you know what your passion is? Or passions are? Can you say it out loud?  If you don`t know what your passion is – you need to find out. Not because you should quit everything you know and go chase/pursue/follow it, but because without it; does life really make sense?

If you don`t believe you have a passion, or several, read the definition at the top one more time. Or a more impactful exercise; imagine someone telling you that you can never do that thing ever again. How does it make you feel?

You might be passionate about gardening, working out, travelling, books, science, cooking, football, making art, teaching, learning, sales, fashion, writing, fixing cars or in what ever business field  you are in.

Your passion is what drives you, it drives you to be in a passionate state, and that passionate state often lead to happiness. And sometimes it is the result of being able to do, or take part in, several of the things you are passionate about that makes you happy. Maybe you do have a passion that makes you happy – but you don`t recognize it because you haven`t  defined it? You don`t need to define it, but if you do you will appreciate it more.

I`m passionate about many things, I often find myself in passionate state of mind whilst doing a lot of things that I probably would not define as things I have an intense desire or enthusiasm for. But one of the things I am really passionate about is storytelling, in general, and the art of marketing. And when a story comes together like the one I am sharing with you today, it`s just a fantastic work of art! And I just want to discuss it , watch it over and over and share it with everybody!

One on One

How different generations  communicate and how we as marketers can be a part of that conversation are questions that seems to stand the test of time. There are of course the demographic variables to take into consideration as the world of communication and the world we live in interconnect. But no matter where your customers live, how they communicate and how they approach different products and brands (or don`t), there is always something to be learned from it.

What I find interesting now is what differs the most from the part of the world that I live in; which is China.

With the great firewall of China blocking facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter it is no wonder that WeChat has become the Chinese populations “everything”. The innovation in WeChat is still impressive though and the rest of the world should pay close attention to the service they provide within the app. This is an app that has 570 million daily users and it is not just a chat app, it is your mobile wallet, your daily news provider, your blog platform, and might even be your recruitment platform soon as they have a LinkedIn integration as well. Apps like Whatsapp pale in comparison to the services available for WeChat`s audience in China.

Media and brands are now finding their way in to take part in the conversation with their target audience in an app that is such a big part of this populations life. As for most social media channels the individual is very much the hart of the conversation, and to just set up an account for an official media publisher within WeChat is likely to not have as strong of impact or influence as an individual voice has.

Some publishers recognizes this by encouraging their reporters to set up their own public accounts on WeChat sponsored by their publisher employer. This way the news are communicated in a personal way and not only in a “texted” version from mass media content.

KLM is one of the brands that has started their conversations with their Chinese customers on WeChat, and by integrating this platform into their CRM system they can use this channel more efficiently based on previous interactions with their customers on other platforms. KLM take their social media seriously and believe that they can serve their client best `where ever they are` .

Outside China we are more familiar with WhatsApp, which now has 1 Billions users. KLM are of course using the popular WhatsApp chat app as well in their social media mix. At Schiphol airport in Amsterdam you can now rebook your cancelled flight via WhatsApp, so you don`t have to stand in line at the service desk should your flight be cancelled due to an ash cloud or earthquake. A service that might be more useful on a frequent basis is how the Starwood Hotel Group use WhatsApp to communicate with the guests staying in their hotels. At the W Hotel in Doha you can ask the Guest services/ Concierge/W Insider for a wake up call, dinner reservations, room service, butler assistance, dry cleaning and more.

This of course opens up to new expectations in how your audience will demand that you are accessible to them. Whatsapp, Faceboook Messenger, Viber, and the likes of them, can prove to be a vital step in how you build customer loyalty when your audience`s phone is glued to their hands. And for the travel industry it is also an excuse to make communication easy in a world where no traveller really needs them anymore unless something goes wrong.

We as marketers and/or publishers now need to carefully take part in this conversation, and to quote Marissa Meyer about Tumblr ” promise not to fuck it up”.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 14.44.24


(Researching for this article I used my own experience and the following sources: Tech in Asia,, KLM, and

The Digital Expats

Digital expats, definition by yours truly:

The digital expats are the new breed of expats; we are a culmination of digital nomads and the traditional expats. We do not consider ourselves true digital nomads as we do not travel as often as they do, and we do prefer a fixed base, often in an exotic location though. We do not consider ourselves traditional expats as the majority of us are self-employed and/or entrepreneurs, and not shipped out by an employer in our home country. We decided it was time we got our own name.

More and more people are trying their hand at entrepreneurship and/or working freelance. Being employed may seem less secure than before, being your own boss does not mean less work but work when and how you want,  the digital economy opens up to so many opportunities, and time is the new currency. I can`t really continue without quoting the cliché “life is too short” ; is a 100 years even enough for all we want to accomplish?

The technology enables us to communicate and work from almost any location across the globe. Thanks to internet everywhere, the smartphone, mac /pc, Skype, Slack, Squarespace, WordPress, gmail,, social media (I could go on, but I think I made my point), we can basically work from anywhere.

Here in Ibiza we are now quite a large growing community of digital expats. Who knew that this beautiful island, best known as the worlds best party island, actually inhabits freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over the world? When I ask people why they chose Ibiza, most of them say that they wanted somewhere beautiful, with a nice climate, good vibes, and the majority of them had visited Ibiza before and the island made a lasting impression on them. It is all about quality of life, no matter where you choose to venture out to.

So how do we actually manage to work from here?

  • Try to do more of the work you are passionate about and less of what you care less about. Congratulations, you will now actually love working!
  • Have a dose of discipline; set up a schedule, set up a budget
  • Use technology do make your tasks and your overall work easier
  • Set up a nice home office or rent a desk at a shared office space
  • Be responsible for your own learning, in general and within your field; you would be surprised of how much you can learn online; free online courses, university courses and degrees (coursera), video streams from conferences all over the world, TEDtalks, mentors, free online training in how to do anything, take a language course, you should be learning something all the time.
  • Find people like you! Do your research, you are definitely not alone.
  • Join co-working days. In Ibiza we meet once a month to share a work space for the day. We work from 10-18, and then have after work drinks. Congratulations, you now have colleagues!
    • (Co-working offices are available all over the world, check it out next time you are out travelling).
  • Find the motivating factor in your new life; in my spare time I get to go dancing, in my spare time I get to go to the beach, kite surf, play tennis etc, in my spare time I will meet up with my friends, in my spare time I will learn the local language, this evening I will see the beautiful sunset.
  • And when you wish to see your family, friends or clients – they are only a flight (or two) away.

Are you curious about the digital expat life in Ibiza? Thought so, take a look:


If you are not quite ready to take the plunge and be a digital expat, you can test it out by doing a workation  – a combination of work, vacation mixed with all kinds of fun activities. Take a look at this exotic opportunity:




Emotional content in marketing

Super bowl is coming up, and what I am excited to see of course are the new commercials! So while we wait, here are a few of my favorite commercials. Enjoy!

Research studies have shown that adding emotions to a brands marketing communication can mean a higher level of economic success. Emotional content will likely have a higher success rate than rational or rational and emotional combined.
These are just a few of the commercials I really like, which has emotional content, and they play on different emotions in order to get the message about their brand and product across without actually showing you the product (in most cases).

Today is what matters

Every person alive have something to be grateful for. Do not feel bad about all the things you did not do in a year, think about all the things you did do this year. Start with the little things and your thoughts will grow from there. This year I am grateful that I decided to smile more and chose happiness.

I am also grateful that I built up the courage to make some big changes this year; quit my job, move to another country, setting up a freelance business. But every change does not have to be big in order to have an effect; today decide to smile more and notice what a difference it makes to you and the people around you.

When we enter a new year we all think that this is the one day we all can make a change. Truth is that what we do today is what matters most, which means that you have a fresh start every single day of the year. So start today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

To keep focused and on the right path  I find these guidelines useful and hope you will to:

  • Follow your passion
  • Do more of what you love
  • Stop caring about what other people think
  • Learn to let go
  • Don’t have one goal – have many goals, small and big bold!

Have a great day, a great start, and a happy new year!


Why I love Ibiza life

Inspired by the blog post from the IbizaInside blog about reasons to live in Ibiza, here are my top ten reasons why I love to live in Ibiza:
1.  The chill lifestyle
You just ease into the flow of the island. From my perspective it means people here are more relaxed, have more time, less stress, enjoy the small talk with the neighbours and, and the climate allows for quality time outside with your friends and family.
2.The Energy
Ibiza is beautiful but so are many other places in the world. What makes Ibiza special is the islands energy. You may not be able to pick up on that if you are only here for a party-binge holiday, but if you are able to visit the island for some relaxing you-time it will truly speak to you.
3.The Island life summer vs winter 
If you live in Ibiza all year you get the best of both worlds. During summer you get to spend time at sea, at the fantastic beaches and beach restaurants, experience some of the best music and parties in the world, meet a lot of interesting and eccentric people from all over the world, and more restaurants than you will ever have time for are available all over the island. In the winter it is quite the opposite. Many beach restaurants are still open but compared to summer there are no tourists, you can find beaches where you will be all alone, you spend more time chilling over dinner and some wine than partying, you can still be outside in the sunshine having lunch, and exercise outside.
4. The international community
Ibiza is home to people from all over the world, and hence you connect and get friends from all over the world.  There are  the local Ibicencos, Spanish mainland movers, a large Dutch community, the Italians, the Brits, and many more.
5. People here try harder not to judge
You like the “hippie” lifestyle? That´s cool
You like high end parties? That´s cool
You like to dress out/up? That´s cool
Ibiza and it’s people have an open mind.
6. The cuisine 
All though most people don´t move to the island for the food. Once you live here you start to experience all the islands food delights. You have the local “bullit de peix”, pintxos, tapas, and all kinds of seafood, combined with high quality international cuisine such as Italian, Japanese, Thai, and Mediterranean menus. And on the rise a variety of vegan, vegetarian, organic, and just plain healthy  food options. Restaurants are too many to mention but there is everything from pop up fish shacks right on the beach to the most expensive restaurant in the world, and everything in between.
7. Being outdoors all year round
With an average of about 300 sunshine days you can do your favorite activity outside most days.
8. The Music
Original House music, disco, techno, dance, chill house, progressive house, dubstep, underground, EDM aka “commercial” , 80s, rock and even traditional Spanish music. There is something for everyone, you just need to know where to look, & hear;)
9. Sunrise and sunset
Magnificent sunrises and sunsets, all year. Wether you experience them on your own, take part in the ritual-like sessions with hippie-drummers, do yoga or meditation – the experience, or as you walk out of the club – the experience will always make you smile, make you a little happier and give you peace of mind.
10. Formentera
Our neighbor island is just a boat ride away and is a little piece of the caribbean with amazing beaches, crystal clear waters, and peaceful as if time stood still.
Skjermbilde 2015-11-25 kl. 14.08.03

What I´ve learned so far

What have you learned in life? 

Everything you do in life will teach you something. Think about it; that one time when you hit your thumb with the hammer it hurt and you were more careful the next time, you giving a compliment will make someone smile, and working hard to reach a goal will get you closer to achieving that goal. Paying attention to all reactions to your actions in life will make you as a person grow. If you do not pay attention to the reactions and what it will teach you, there is a great chance you´ll just keep on repeating the same actions without considering if they are the right ones. 

Life is all about learning; from the little things to the greater questions. I´ve learned that a positive mind will create more opportunities than a negative spirit ever will, you can not make everyone happy and you should be ok with that, being confident enough to be the real you will make you happier, if you do not take care of yourself you will not be able to take care of others, doubt probably kills more dreams than failure ever will, and shopping on sale will not save you money;)

Make sure you keep learning by paying attention, every single day. This will help you focus, make better decisions, work smarter and hence achieve your goals. 

Here is a little exercise to get you started; write down in  a journal or in the notepad on your phone how a normal day in your life makes you feel; are you always in a rush? does eating breakfast make you feel better? do you say «no» a lot? do you live in a happy environment? do you actually make the effort to have a positive influence on your surroundings? to you take care of yourself so that you can better take care of your loved ones? is your mind sharp and focused in your professional life? Write the notes as  detailed as possible and then go voer them the day after and see where there is room for improvement and that´s where you start to pay attention, in each of these moments. 

No regrets, just lessons, pay attention
No regrets, just lessons, pay attention

Tired of following the rules? Here are your new rules

Either you are perfectly happy with your life, you just lack a little bit of motivation or feel you are not living the true you and need a big change, these new rules may encourage you to start the path to a happier you or keep going.

Your new rules:

  • Stop caring what people think
    • And by this I don`t mean not listening to sound advice – there is a difference between advice and what people who will never understand you think. Trust your intuition.
  • Say yes more – it will make you happier
    • The stress factors in our life have a tendency to make us turn down opportunities disguised as more work, or that we feel come with more consequences than we believe we can handle, or we are just in a “no” world where we say no without even thinking. This goes for the big things as well as the little things. Here are some examples: We believe you would be a good fit to join our board of directors, would you please consider to join us? Yes. Want to join us for a walk outside during lunch break? Yes (the eating at the desk situation will not make you more efficient). Our team are doing a 5K run together this weekend? ( are not a runner..) Yes. I read this book, I recommend you read it too as i found it very interesting! Yes, thank you. Dad can you please dress up as Elsa from Frozen. Yes, of course.
  • Throw stuff
    • People should move more, then this would not have to be explained. But we don´t so; getting rid of clutter and the stuff you put in your basement because you were to lazy to throw away or make a decision about is a truly liberating experience. Less focus on materialistic things will also broaden your perspective in life.
  • Start a new ritual to be more creative
    • This can be anything, try things that might be completely new to you and you will find what works for you. Here`s a little morning ritual that works for me: when the alarm rings I have calculated extra time for me to go into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee and then jump back into bed. Once in bed with my coffee I feel content that I now have set aside time to drink my coffee and I start to read up on different news sites, blogs and a quick update in my social media channels, even a bit of music maybe to get me started. This ritual started as a Saturday morning ritual a few years ago, but making time for this on a normal weekday have done wonders for me. I ease into a new day, my mind wakes up without the morning stress and as I start to read upon news sites, blogs and social media I get some of my best ideas and quickly write them down on my digital notepad. Even the mornings when I don´t have time for this ritual the first coffee of the day (at the airport, at another office etc) makes me think about my ritual and brings me back to the same peace of mind.
  • Loosen up and focus
    • To be good you need to feel good. This means that you need take care of your body and your mind. You might be feeling good now, but you don´t t know what you are capable of before you have committed to take well care of you. This, speaking in general terms, means that you do need to exercise (anything from walking to yoga to cross fit), and this is closely linked with the mind which we can take care of through meditation. Recent research studies from Harvard unveils that meditation does not only relaxes you but also has an effect on the brain structure (part of the central nervous system). And last but not least pay attention to what you eat and drink, make sure you get your recommended intake of greens and water. These three things combined is what will keep you relaxed, sharp and focused.

Like everything else you have to invest to succeed with these new rules. And you might even add your own rules to this list as you develop a happier truer you.

Go on, give it a try, I dare you;)

Say Yes More

the world is…changing

At university Thomas Friedman´s book ” The world is flat” was  a mandatory read. Now years later many of us have experienced  the examples from the book, though a little outdated the key elements of this are stil true today. It is all about how the world keeps getting smaller and the markets bigger, the level playing field is very much global in terms of the actual market or it at least is impacted by it in some way. I am sure you can relate to this both privately and in your work environment, either by personal experience or through the experiences of the company you work for.  It all basically comes down to change and how we choose to deal with it. Often we think ´how will this change affect me´ rather than ´how can I discover new opportunities within this change´? I wish I could say that choosing the latter was easy with a little bit of effort, but as all valuable things this does not come easy. It is you that will have to take charge in stead of waiting for the impact to hit you. But it definitely is a long term strategy that will keep your soul as well as your business alive.

Choosing to embrace the opportunities that lies within change instead of seeing it as a threat to overcome will open great new paths and opportunities. Businesses all over the world are embracing change and taking advantage of the new opportunities, and if you have not already you need to get going as there are new changes emerging and happening in a pace faster then ever. Online retailers have changed the way we shop, airlines staff up on customer services located in different time zones to meet clients 24/7 service expectations, media publishers are adapting to all platforms available; snapchat, facebook, apple watch, tumblr to deliver the latest news to us, the music business is releasing new an renewed streaming services faster than we can even keep up.

This can, and in some cases will, affect the local businesses work force, meaning unemployment rates are going up. But then again who says that your next customer or colleague will have to be in the same room or even in the same city or country as you? Your employer may have to outsource some services, or all together close your place of work. Either way in this position you have to try to embrace this change by seeing it as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn another line of work, start your own business within a different field or with a different target audience, or go freelance. In the US an estimated 34% of the American work force are freelancers. According to this number is expected to reach 50% by 2020. And freelancers are no longer just associated with small businesses, the emerging freelance economy means flexibility to both small and larger businesses across the world. This also means new and bigger opportunities for freelancers; work with partners and clients across broders, and from anywhere in the world. This puts you in the driver seat of your life and business.

The enabler for embracing the changes coming, besides you, is of course the technology provided to us today and tomorrow. Technology enables us not only to keep in touch with our friends and families but also to run businesses online; marketing, conversations, distribution, sales, customer service, keeping your stories alive, instruct and motivate your team players, across borders. There have never been greater opportunities than now. We should be very grateful to technology and the inventors of it, but it would lead a short life if we didn´t embrace change and use the new technology.

I will leave you with some food for thought in the spirit of the global market, technology, opportunity and change:

Snapchat was founded in 2011 and today has over 100 million users per day. YouTube was founded in 2005. This week YouTube announced they are now updating their mobile app to improve the vertical video experience. Why? Because Snapchat has changed the way we watch and create video on our mobiles, and over half of YouTube videos are now played on mobile devices.

Ibiza life

So after 10 weeks of island living – where are we? What I´ve been up to so far.

Moving to another country means you of course will have to deal with all kinds of practical things, but it also means you have the opportunity to develop and learn new things. My second day in Ibiza I enrolled in  a Spanish language course that kept me busy every day for four weeks. My Spanish definitely improved a lot during this time as the course is quite intense, and I also made some new friends on the island.

Ibiza attracts people from all over the world and from all walks of life, especially in the summer. A large number of tourists (number of visitors increase each year), but also the people who have made Ibiza their home. Some are here all year round and some are here five to eight months out of the year. You have the ones very much involved in the nightlife and then you have the ones who have what one would call a more “normal” job or run businesses on the island. But hey, what is normal these days any way?  Either way the jobs and businesses very much revolve around the tourism industry. I have been fortunate enough to make some new friends that live here all year and they are building some very exciting new businesses. For these people; summer mode is work mode. They are definitely not on vacation, but when they do have a day off they get to explore this beautiful island of course.

So after the first two months of learning the language, making friends, setting up my new home and lifestyle, my summer mode is also shifting in to work mode. I intentionally took some much needed time off when I first got to the island and now I´m ready for and very excited about my new business lifestyle. It will definitely not be a fixed office hours career model, but it will be a new career model where you may be working from anywhere, anytime, with several projects both locally and abroad, and still gives you time to enjoy life. That´s what it´s all about.

And how will this new way of life and business actually be built you may wonder?  It turns out, Ibiza now has a growing community of entrepreneurs and freelancers. This is very much reflected in several co-working offices on the island (shared offices that you may rent for a day,a week or months) and networking events. This is very inspiring and certainly fuels my creative side as well as business sense. These co-working sessions and networking events have given me several new opportunities and I am very happy to share with you that I now have two very exciting projects that I am currently working on. More about what these projects next time;)

So when I`m not working? I get to enjoy Ibiza´s beautiful scenery; Ibiza´s old town, the many beautiful beaches and “calas”, the sea, the food, the relaxed atmosphere, the people, and of course the best DJs in the world. Many places in the world can provide several of these factors but only Ibiza combine them all.Ibiza, Port San Miguel