Storytelling – the Why model

As a child I loved listening to my grand parents stories, I am sure we all can relate to that. Not much have actually changed over time in terms of what is key in the ability to tell a story. The most important thing is still how you deliver it; with the personality, the passion and the ability to immerse yourself into the story. Now of course a little special effects never hurt, but still the key is the delivery. 

Now in Marketing, you may have a good story but you have to commercialize it. This is a thin line to balance; where the artistry & creativity meet the commercial marketing. We can all try to convince our selves that a beautiful story is powerful enough to do the commercial marketing job and hence reach the objective. But, we all know that even the most beautiful stories have a commercial aspect to it, a tactical message or clue if you will, the creators have just done a better job of incorporating it into the story and hence deliver the message in the story in a more efficient way. And we as consumers are convinced and persuaded through this emotional influence. I will admit that there may be a few brand exceptions here, but most likely you are not one of them. 

As a guiding tool in creating, developing and delivering a story I believe in the `WHY-model. Always have your check points in the creative process where you can ask this question. 


Why are you telling this story? Why is it told in this way? Why should they care? Why should they act on it?  (The list of why`s can and should of course be longer than this). 

This of course, as most of worlds creative work, looks really easy. But to incorporate it and follow it as a part of your creative process is quite painful, challenging and helpful at the same time. The answers to the Why will either take you forward in the creative process or help you improve the previous step.

Looking forward to experience your stories. And don`t forget the sprinkle on top: passion!

Stairs to...

Freelance life

There are a lot of uncertainties when you go freelance, but one thing is certain; it`s all up to you.

My new lifestyle means a life that gives me more freedom and a better quality of life (as far as I´m concerned). What it also means is that only I will be the door opener to the opportunities out there, I do believe that every one creates their one luck. And if I don`t seize the opportunities this lifestyle will be a very short lived one.

The goal of this new lifestyle is to achieve balance in life; passion work projects and enough free time to experience the little good things in life – stop and smell the roses if you will. But how do you achieve that when there actually is no recipe and you don´t have the normal routines and norms as in an office, as an employee?

I find that my recipe for the optimal balance is to set a routine that get`s you up early in the morning and keeps you productive throughout the day. But always keep a few hours a day open in order to seize new opportunities, do activities that keep your creative spirit lit and smell the roses. As mentioned the key is balance, balance in life is the key to happiness which it`s all about. What this means to me may be very different from what it means to you. If you like to work out go work out first thing in the morning. If you like to walk outside, do it first thin in the morning. If your morning ritual is to go to your local coffee shop and get your daily fix, do it first thing in the morning. Why? You kick start your day, it will give you more energy to use productively throughout the day and last but not least – we think better on our feet.

And about those new opportunities? Careful what you wish for;-)


So simple, yet so challenging

All your life you have probably been given advice from your family, your friends, colleagues and mentors. Some of them you take to heart, others you know are true but still neglect, and then you have the ones that are based upon the norms of life – they come from a place of reason and norms; what is expected of you by society. There is of course nothing wrong with this picture, we have learned to navigate through it. But the problem is that we are not all the same and hence not all advice is suited for every person. One size does not fit all.

I have chosen to try to live my life outside the norm. I say try because it will take hard work; both in terms of the work you do with a project and setting up a company, but also hard work in terms of working on you. The difference of living within the norms and outside of them are of course not all black and white but for arguments sake let´s say they are. I would like to present and give credit to whomever invented or discovered the 2 % mindset. 2% of the population like, or even live by, the words stated outside the comfort zone circle. They choose happiness, excitement, act in spite of fear, like changes and embrace the unknown. But to most people it comes natural to seek within the comfort zone. If you take a couple of minutes and review this illustration of the 2 % mindset you will easily find the words that describe your life and the ones that don´t. There is no correct zone here; there is nothing wrong with seeking comfort and be happy about your current life. If there is one thing that I do not agree with in this illustration it is the word “dull”, living within your comfort zone and being happy about that is not dull. But this is simply a tool you can use to evaluate if where you are and how you live your life is what you want out of life.

If you find your self wanting to move out from your comfort zone; be prepared to challenge your self every day, be prepared to work very hard and be prepared to face reactions from your family, friends and colleagues. Also be prepared to not have all the answers yet. But that´s ok; this is not for them – it´s for you.

The 2 % mindset

Out of Office

But how?

That`s the most frequently asked question about my new way of live as a freelancer. Well, first of all you might have to get used to the idea that you actually won`t be able to see `how` until you are actually doing it. It is scary, but the good kind of scary.

To unleash the force that enables you to set up a plan for your freelance work you may be in need of a different environment than your usual office. And the force within you that enables you to carry out your plan will differ from person to person; it might be your creative side, your strength in building a well calculated business plan, strategy or even a spiritual side. The force is similar to the drive in your every day life that makes you achieve your personal goals or do I really good job. You may not even know, or have defined, what your force is – but we all have it and now it`s time to nurture it.

How? Take the time you have for your self in a day, 15 minutes or 1 hour, and draw or write down what you would like to do more of in your life. Forget all limitations and focus on ideas, tasks, objectives and strengths you have. This does not have to take you down a path of life changing events, even though it might, it can also help you get more of your life as it is today – but with a little more focus it is amazing how much happier and healthier you can be.

Where? If you have the chance; go or sit somewhere you normally would not, leave your living room, your house or your office and sit somewhere your force can be released. It might be alone in a secluded place or a space with lot`s of people but people who are different from you in any way, look at something beautiful, listen to some soothing music, pick up that piece of paper and start drawing and writing. The best of luck to you!

Today I went out of the office; attended a co-working & networking session on the island where I live. All freelance workers  – sitting together working on different projects in a house in the country side. This is our space for the day where the force flows free. Go Out Of the Office.

Co work Ibiza

Pursuing the unknown

Pursuing the unknown is a scary but liberating experience, because you don`t know what you don`t know. The place I now soon will call home I have known for years. But you how no idea how it will turn out once you stay for good. Giving up my normal everyday life in order to pursue a new one on this island is a walk into the unknown.

The thing that has kept me going through preparations for my adventure is the question; «what is the worst that could happen?» If you think about it, a lot of people on this earth go through a lot harder things than you and I (at least I). The way I see it; worst case I have to move back to my home country and get a «normal» job. And all the material things would have to be achieved again by hard work and saving up, but you know what – that`s life!

Ask your self this; what will you be regretting the most when you are 95 years old? The things you couldn`t buy or the dreams you didn`t pursue?

I was only 4 years old when I first started discovering my adventures side; I climbed over the fence and “escaped” so to speak from the childrens activity club while on vacation with my parents in Mallorca. I walked to our apartment and somehow got housekeeping to open the door for me to our apartment, where my parents found me.

Moral of this story? Stop being afraid of the unknown. Deep inside you truly know who you are and what you have to do in your life to be happy. Do not neglect or ignore it. But do it in your own time and pace.

Ibiza, I`m ready

Ibiza sunrise

Creating stories

I sat on a beach last summer and felt so peaceful, and at the same time my mind was creating all these thoughts about what I truly want out of life. We all have different definitions of what makes a good life and a happy life. And once you know which direction you need to go to achieve that happiness you owe it to your self to pursue it.

For me? I want to create stories.Being in a state where I’m experiencing, learning and being more creative is what makes me happy. As a part of my new story I have decided to completely change my officeview and move back to Spain. Back to where it all began; the beach, the vibe, the sun.. Just me and a laptop, creating more stories from Ibiza 🙂

Es Cavallet, Ibiza
Es Cavallet, Ibiza

wonderful memories

Another chapter closes as I am about to sell this lovely apartment, filled with lots of lovely memories..

And now someone else can start creating their own perfect moments here.

At the same time very excited about the next chapter in a new place to call home!

My apartment

planning adventures

snow outside and planning adventures inside..

Even the most average of days can be exciting when planning adventures. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing; the painting of my apartment this weekend, buying my favorite flowers, picking up those delicious macarones!

But once in a while you plan for a less ordinary adventure, I’ll keep you posted;)

snow in Oslo


Days gone by

2014 went by so fast! Here are some of my favorite travel memories 🌅🗽🗼🎿

Summertime in Ibiza and Formentera - stunning!
Summertime in Ibiza and Formentera – stunning!
I will always be comming back to you NYC <3
I will always be comming back to you NYC ❤
First time in Paris - absolutely jeg taime!
First time in Paris – absolutely jeg taime!
Christmas holidays skiing Hafjell, Norway 😃
Christmas holidays skiing Hafjell, Norway 😃