It’s been a minute

It’s been a minute since the last blog post, I´ve been busy and “life happened” (I’m sure you can relate). But I have decided to get back at it again, for no other reason than that I enjoy it.

Over the last few years I have been getting a lot of questions about how I live my life now, so I thought I would address them here in this blog post.

  1. Why freelancing, and why Ibiza? I´m too curious not to try new things, and I love a challenge. It was really a combination of wanting to see what it would be like to have my own business, and the freedom to operate from anywhere. I could travel and work from anywhere, but I have moved around a lot in my life and I prefer to have a base. And I figured that my base might as well be on a beautiful island in the mediterranean. Ibiza is an amazing place to live, and there are a lot of people working remotely from here.
  2. How can you live in Ibiza?  Discipline, attitude, great internet connection, and 300 sunny days per year.
  3. “You are so lucky” Technically this is not a question but it needs to be addressed. This lifestyle is hard work and luck has nothing to do with it. But I consider myself lucky to be healthy, I am sure you do to.
  4. What do you do for work? Companies and organisations hire me as a consultant to help them with their marketing communication. Some clients hire me as their marketing manager, some to develop their marketing strategy, and others to handle their social media communication and ad campaigns.
  5. How do you get clients? Most of the opportunities to pitch that come my way are through my network. My current client base consist of long term contracts and shorter projects.
  6. How do you get any work done when you are working remotely, from home? Being a freelancer, working remotely or not, comes down to one thing – discipline. It also helps that I love what I do, but it’s  like working out – just get up and do it. No effort – no results.
  7. Favorite thing to do in Ibiza? Long lunches by the sea
  8. Don’t you want to “settle down”? First of all, settling down means different things to different people. Secondly; don’t worry about it.
  9. How are you? I am very well thank you:-) I am healthy, I am happy, I have amazing friends in my life, and I feel I have designed a good life for myself.
  10. Best social media advice? Check out this blog post with free advice 



Why I love Ibiza life

Inspired by the blog post from the IbizaInside blog about reasons to live in Ibiza, here are my top ten reasons why I love to live in Ibiza:
1.  The chill lifestyle
You just ease into the flow of the island. From my perspective it means people here are more relaxed, have more time, less stress, enjoy the small talk with the neighbours and, and the climate allows for quality time outside with your friends and family.
2.The Energy
Ibiza is beautiful but so are many other places in the world. What makes Ibiza special is the islands energy. You may not be able to pick up on that if you are only here for a party-binge holiday, but if you are able to visit the island for some relaxing you-time it will truly speak to you.
3.The Island life summer vs winter 
If you live in Ibiza all year you get the best of both worlds. During summer you get to spend time at sea, at the fantastic beaches and beach restaurants, experience some of the best music and parties in the world, meet a lot of interesting and eccentric people from all over the world, and more restaurants than you will ever have time for are available all over the island. In the winter it is quite the opposite. Many beach restaurants are still open but compared to summer there are no tourists, you can find beaches where you will be all alone, you spend more time chilling over dinner and some wine than partying, you can still be outside in the sunshine having lunch, and exercise outside.
4. The international community
Ibiza is home to people from all over the world, and hence you connect and get friends from all over the world.  There are  the local Ibicencos, Spanish mainland movers, a large Dutch community, the Italians, the Brits, and many more.
5. People here try harder not to judge
You like the “hippie” lifestyle? That´s cool
You like high end parties? That´s cool
You like to dress out/up? That´s cool
Ibiza and it’s people have an open mind.
6. The cuisine 
All though most people don´t move to the island for the food. Once you live here you start to experience all the islands food delights. You have the local “bullit de peix”, pintxos, tapas, and all kinds of seafood, combined with high quality international cuisine such as Italian, Japanese, Thai, and Mediterranean menus. And on the rise a variety of vegan, vegetarian, organic, and just plain healthy  food options. Restaurants are too many to mention but there is everything from pop up fish shacks right on the beach to the most expensive restaurant in the world, and everything in between.
7. Being outdoors all year round
With an average of about 300 sunshine days you can do your favorite activity outside most days.
8. The Music
Original House music, disco, techno, dance, chill house, progressive house, dubstep, underground, EDM aka “commercial” , 80s, rock and even traditional Spanish music. There is something for everyone, you just need to know where to look, & hear;)
9. Sunrise and sunset
Magnificent sunrises and sunsets, all year. Wether you experience them on your own, take part in the ritual-like sessions with hippie-drummers, do yoga or meditation – the experience, or as you walk out of the club – the experience will always make you smile, make you a little happier and give you peace of mind.
10. Formentera
Our neighbor island is just a boat ride away and is a little piece of the caribbean with amazing beaches, crystal clear waters, and peaceful as if time stood still.
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